Waupaca County Trail Info


to the site of Northport Snowriders. We are a local non-profit social organization working with the community, landowners and other enthusiasts promoting the maintenance of trails, education and safety. This is to ensure that everyone that rides in the area maintained by the club has the best possible experience on our area trails.

Our club member also belong to the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC) which allows our organization to be more informed about upcoming legislation and its effect on the snowmobile sport. A portion of the club membership fee ($20 family, $10 student) does go toward the AWSC. Click here for what you need to know about the WI Trail Pass Act 142. This will be effective July, 2015 so please take a look.

Meetings are the 2nd Thursday each month

October thru April

7pm at the Mukwa Town Hall

E8514 Weyauwega Rd

Note from the Secretary

Here we start an exciting new snowmobile season. We already have cold and some snow. We can only hope for some accumulation of snow and have another long season.

​Exciting things are happening for the organization. We have had several new members join our club. Several new and fresh ideas are being proposed to the club. We have new Chairs at the front table. We are looking at a possible new fundraiser/event. There are still discussions and interest in increasing our clubs revenue with a larger drag.

​With the election of our new Chairs, this will be my last note to the club members. I have enjoyed my time working with the people of this organization. I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me during my time as Secretary and the positive feedback regarding the website (as rudimentary as it was). Gena Pamperin has done a great job bringing us up to a newer and friendlier site. Thanks to John Herzfeldt for starting the Facebook page to continue to connect our members and those that may be interested in the future. I look forward to the seeing the club grow. I hope to see you all out on the trails.

-- ​Kristine Clark, Secretary

Meeting Notes - November 13, 2014

25 people attended - 3 chairs present

The meeting was brought to order and there was a motion/approval of he Secretaries and Treasurer reports.

Voting took place for the chair positions. Your new President is Dan Wilfuer, Vice President is John Herzfeldt, Secretary is Shawn Tennie and Treasurer is Nick Krautkramer. Congratulations to them and look forward to working with them here in the future.

County representatives noted the recent meeting maps will be received in December. Nine thousand maps will be made available for around the county. There was some further discussion regarding the new Trail Passes an working out the antique sled registrations. There is still quite a bit of corn still standing in the fields.

The meeting started out with a few reminders of upcoming events. The trail marking takes place December 6th, 8:00 am. Everyone is to meet at Pup's Irish Pub. Lunch will be provided. A party for those that volunteer will be held in the evening at Pup's. Dan Wilfuer has check all the equipment in the shed. Everything is present and in working order.

The other event is for the Safety Class run by Jerry Bartman. You must sign-up on the DNR website. It is scheduled for December 13th & 14th and held at Bean City Bar & Banquet Hall. It is recommended the attendees are 12 years old and up.

We have a new Trail Boss taking over Corey Kluge's trail. Kody Berkhahn. This trail was County T to Madden Rd.

The tractor has been delivered. Any tilling required contact Jerry Bartman.

Reminder to those, whey you are within a 100 feet of a house, your speed is to be 10 mph. This is a law and should be followed going down Broadway Street between Highway X and Highway 54. There was some concern about the speed limit brought up by a resident in the area.

Apologies to those that regularly get the Newsletter by mail. There was a change in the postage for the mailer that the club was unaware of. We will probably have a different format in the future due to the change in postage and Secretary.

There was a proposal made by Shawn Tennie and Aimee Dunbar regarding a new fundraiser for the club. It would be a "Blizzard Bash" with a raffle. The Raffle would include a snowmobile as the grand prize and cash prizes for 2nd through 4th place. The raffle number has been applied for but unsure if we'd be able to obtain it in time to get the tickets printed. There was a suggestion to talk to one of the local organizations to have a sponsored number so we can move forward with the event if accepted  by the club. There was also discussion on the snowmobile itself regarding the commitment either by the dealership supplying the sled vs buying it outright. There then was also discussion of liability involved as well. I was motioned, voted and approved to move forward with the event. We will have a 2016 sled to raffle. This would eliminate the dealer having to hold on to any inventory to accommodate the raffle winner. The sled would be for $10,000.00 or there would be a cash prize of $8,000.00 if the winner wishes not to have the snowmobile. The band has been tentatively been notified and the Bean City Banquet Hall has also been held. More information should be available by the next meeting. All those willing to sell raffle tickets please keep an eye out for when they become available so you can obtain some. To make this work we will need to sell over 700 tickets to break even.

Meeting was then adjourned.




Next Meeting Thursday, December 11th at 7pm