Waupaca County Trail Info


to the site of Northport Snowriders. We are a local non-profit social organization working with the community, landowners and other enthusiasts promoting the maintenance of trails, education and safety. This is to ensure that everyone that rides in the area maintained by the club has the best possible experience on our area trails.

Our club member also belong to the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC) which allows our organization to be more informed about upcoming legislation and its effect on the snowmobile sport. A portion of the club membership fee ($20 family, $10 student) does go toward the AWSC. Click here for what you need to know about the WI Trail Pass Act 142.

Meetings are the 2nd Thursday each month

October thru April

7pm at the Mukwa Town Hall

E8514 Weyauwega Rd

Newsletter - March 13, 2014

14 people attended (including 3 chairs)

The Secretary’s report was motioned & approved, the Treasurer’s report was motioned & approved.

County dues for memberships in the club were to be paid. This is $1 per person in the club. At the county meeting, the Sheriffs Department gave an update from the season. Some citations were given, the majority being registration related. The supplemental payouts were made available. The 2-Tier legislation passed the Assembly and was on its way to the Senate. Local contact for the passing of the bill in the State Senate would be Luther Olson. There was also a refund given due to overpayment for the maps.

The majority of the trail work sheets were filled out and handed in. Thank you to all the trail bosses for coming early to the meeting or filling them out prior to it. Again, the County Representatives meeting was prior to our April meeting when the worksheets are usually required to be handed in. Due to this, it was encouraged to get the worksheets done early.

The club also wants to send out a Thank you to Bob Nehring and The Waters for a donation of gas for the tractors this season.

The brunch, for our way of Thanking the Landowner’s that allow us to have trails cross their lands, is scheduled for April 13th. We will be at the Shamrock Heights again. We have had a good turn out the last few years and look forward to another one and seeing everyone.

We received correspondence from the Lakes States Resource Alliance, LLC with some raffle tickets. It was brought to the clubs attention for purchase. No motion was made for purchase of the tickets.

There was an opportunity offered last month to trial tracks on a tractor. The few that were available (groomers and those of the tractor committee) were able to attend. It was brought back to the club with positive results. The tractor committee will be meeting again to go over costs, benefits and options for potential future use. This is also going to weigh in the use/purchase of a 9’ drag. Just to note, this is a process, and a lot of variables have to be weighed in as to availability of tracks and what would be the most beneficial for timing such as the purchase the drag prior to tracks, etc.

Meeting was then adjourned.