Waupaca County Trail Info


to the site of Northport Snowriders. We are a local non-profit social organization working with the community, landowners and other enthusiasts promoting the maintenance of trails, education and safety. This is to ensure that everyone that rides in the area maintained by the club has the best possible experience on our area trails.

Our club member also belong to the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC) which allows our organization to be more informed about upcoming legislation and its effect on the snowmobile sport. A portion of the club membership fee ($20 family, $10 student) does go toward the AWSC. Click here for what you need to know about the WI Trail Pass Act 142. This will be effective July, 2015 so please take a look.

Meetings are the 2nd Thursday each month

October thru April

7pm at the Mukwa Town Hall

E8514 Weyauwega Rd

Newsletter - April 10, 2014

14 people attended (including 3 chairs)

The Secretary’s report was motioned & approved, the Treasurer’s report was motioned & approved.

County representatives noted that the Cap Step Program has been passed. This is available above and on the AWSC website.

The club also wants to send out a Thank you to Dan Deeg for helping with the maintenance on the drag.

The brunch, for our way of Thanking the Landowner’s that allow us to have trails cross their land, was scheduled for April 13th. It was held at the Shamrock Heights again. Turn out was good and seemed to be enjoyed by all.

There was another reminder that the 4 chairs; president, vice president, treasurer and secretary will be up for votes in November again. All chairs will be available at the head table. With this in mind, the financials will be audited prior to the fiscal year ending in July 2014.

John Hertzfeld noted he would create a Facebook page for the club. This may spark more interest from younger snowmobilers and keep members in touch with each other about rides and events. The page is up and running.

The golf event  was scheduled and held on June 28th.

There was an opportunity offered several months ago to trial tracks on a tractor. There was a lot of positive feedback on this which also sparked the tractor committee to meet again. There was several conversations discussing the possibility of altering a drag we already have vs purchasing a new one. There was some discussion on buying a tractor outright which then several other issues would have to be addressed such as maintenance, storage, etc. This also spurred up conversation on raising funds and re-instating some fundraising events. There are a lot of options that the club members need to work their way through to make some decisions towards this topic. The committee has been very good at getting information and continues to look into options to bring to the clubs attention.

Meeting was then adjourned.




Next Meeting Thursday, November 13th at 7pm